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    My vision is to help our clients make informed decisions when purchasing a home. My mission is to partner with our clients; to educate them on potential safety hazards/issues; to recommend and prioritize improvements; and to establish a blueprint for the future in their new home. Simply stated - because I care and treat our clients like family members! 


    Secure Check Inspections, LLC. is licensed, insured and governed by the North Carolina Standards of Practice. We proudly serve the Northwest North Carolina regions and offer the most comprehensive home inspections available. 

    Secure Check Inspections, LLC. applies a consistent and logical approach to home inspection and evaluations, utilizing the "Describe, Determine, Implicate, and Direct" (DDID) method to complete every evaluation. 


    Home Inspection and Evaluation

    The cost for a home inspection starts at $350 and goes up based on the heated and unheated SQ/FT and evaluates the foundation, roof and everything in between, including:

    • Exterior: roof, ventilation system, electrical service entrance, plumbing stack, deck, retaining walls, driveway/walkways/steps, patio, lot slope, preferred wall cladding and more. 
    • Interior: structure & interior finishes, heating/cooling, electrical & plumbing systems and components, insulation & ventilation and other accessories such as fireplaces and more.

    The results of every evaluation is then published in a comprehensive inspection report that is provided to the client by email within 3 business days or less depending on the amount of the findings at the time of the inspection.

    Radon Testing 

    Radon is an inert gas which means you cannot smell, see or taste it. The only way to detect the presence of radon is through testing. Some areas are more prevalent. It's a huge health concern and kills more people every year then drunk drivers. It is also the #2 cause of lung cancer after smoking. This test is highly recommended to help ensure levels are below the EPA threshold. The typical cost (for most homes) is approximately $150.00. For more information about Radon, review the EPA Home Buyer's & Seller's Guide to Radon. 

    Water Testing

    • Bacterial - The bacterial water test is the most common test provided to our clients to protect against harmful bacteria. This test is highly recommended for homes with well or spring water sources to evaluate the presence of total Coliform and Fecal/E.coli. The cost of the water bacterial testing is $85.00. 
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